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Contracting Labourer

Sault Ste. Marie
POSTED: 8 months ago
Odd Job Jacks
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Closing Date:
September 26, 2023
Job Description:
Odd Job Jacks
Contracting Labourer
Wage: $21.00/hr - $23.50/hr (Lower end reflects no add-ons. Upper end reflects all add ons.)
Available Wage Add-ons
$0.50 Working at Heights
$2.00 Operator (tractor, mini-excavator, skid steer etc.)

Job Description
This position is part of a team of 2-4 construction/renovation crew members. A labourer's primary role is to handle any and all tasks assigned to them by the Team Lead with minimal direction, supervision and ongoing instruction. Labourers will also be expected to assist the Team Lead on more complex tasks.

Required Skills:
Educational Requirements
- Completion or partial completion of a college level program/course relating to construction and/or a skilled trade is a strong asset
- Completion of an independent training program or course relating to construction or the skilled trades is a strong asset

Physical Requirements
- Consistently perform physically demanding tasks including but not limited to;
- Repeatedly lifting and transporting equipment, materials, and other items up to and approximately 75 lbs
- Walking, standing and performing repetitive tasks for extended periods of time
- Utilizing assistive work devices (ladders, work platforms, reach extensions etc.)
- Utilizing tools reflective of the job (basic hand tools, handheld power tools, etc)
- Loading and unloading equipment between shop, vehicles and jobsites
- Working within various positions and postures as required to complete tasks including but not limited to; bending, twisting, laying, crouching, reaching overhead, squating etc.

Skill Requirements
Must be able to complete the following tasks accurately, within a reasonable timeframe, and with minimal waste and supervision
- Able to operate a wide variety of hand tools and power tools with efficiency, proficiency, comfort, and control
- Including but not limited to; table saw, miter saw, grinder, drills, oscillating saw, nail gun, impact driver, jig saw, circular saw, wet saw, levels, speed squares, chipping chisels, demolition tools, angle gauge etc.
- Able to read and alter basic plans and drawings as well as dig locates.
- A rudimentary understanding of basic building codes
- Basic joist and stud spacings, spans and blocking
- Beam spans, railing heights, baluster spacing, step dimensions, stringer spacing etc as it reflects to deck and fence construction
- Able to handle the following exterior tasks, and similar tasks as directed;
- Construct fences and decks from start to finish
- Building fence gates
- Building exterior steps and railings
- Construct sheds/gazebos and other construction
- Able to cut and lay a variety of stone and pavers and prepare a base appropriately
- Able to map out and set guides and lines for hardscaping
- Able to understand and set up appropriate slopes expressed as a percentage (example: setting a line with a 5% slope)
- Able to handle the following interior tasks, and similar tasks as directed;
- Painting; spraying, rolling, backrolling, cutting in, caulking trim
- Measuring, cutting and installing trim, baseboards and casings
- Measuring, cutting, installing click flooring
- Patching drywall using various techniques
- Handyman style tasks; hanging shelves, caulking sinks and tubs, changing door and cabinet hardware etc.
- Able to select and use proper tools and supplies for tasks
- Selecting appropriate paints, primers, caulking
- Selecting appropriate brushes, roller sizes etc
- Selecting appropriate fasteners and hardware

Employee Requirements
- Provide all basic/non-specialty PPE related to our services - this will differ depending on division. Including but not limited to, safety glasses, ear plugs, face shield, hard hat, various gloves, steel toe boots, dust masks, indoor/outdoor shoes, etc.
- When working outside, required to provide the following hi-visibility outerwear; orange hi-vis tear away style vest, orange hi-vis winter jacket, hi-vis rain gear.
- Required to maintain presentable job appropriate workwear suitable for construction.
- Workwear should be free of excessive wear and tear or damage, properly fitting and durable.
Odd Job Jacks Inc. provides all tools and equipment. You will not be expected to use your own tools.
Odd Job Jacks Inc. provides transportation to and from all job sites. You will not be required to use your own transportation.
How to Apply:
Please apply through our website - www.oddjobjacks.ca/applynow

This document is prepared for informational purposes only to help you define a career path and future with Odd Job Jacks Inc. All terms are subject to change, availability, and negotiation. This posting may be updated or altered. Any alterations and revisions will be posted.

We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage diversity in the workplace. Accommodation is available for applicants upon request
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