Employment Solutions

Employer Supports

 All of our services are FREE and confidential
  • Free advertising of your vacancy on our job board, website, social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.) If preferred, your job posting can remain confidential
  • The development of job descriptions and training plans for new employees
  • Referrals from a pool of qualified candidates
  • Pre-screened candidates to save you time in your interviewing process
  • Guidance in the development of interview procedures and questions
  • Collecting and pre-screening résumés based on employer requirements
  • Access to interview facilities at no charge
  • Referral to appropriate funding sources that support training and apprenticeships
  • Planning, hosting and/or conducting job fairs


 Let's work together
  • Our centres have hundreds of job seekers visit every year
  • Employer services are free and confidential
  • Qualified staff are available and ready to help you meet your human resource needs
  • Job postings advertised locally with the Sault Ste. Marie or at our Blind River office
  • Connected provincially and regionally

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