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Workshop Facilitator/Job Coach

Sault Ste. Marie
Education, Executive and Management
POSTED: 13 months ago
Superior Adult Learning
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Closing Date:
April 04, 2023
Job Description:
Workshop Facilitator/Job Coach

Note: We are hiring 4 candidates. A candidate with previous, successful supervisory experience may receive additional compensation in exchange for more leadership duties.

Responsibilities: Workshop Facilitation
- Develop and/or locate workshop material on \"Skills for Success\" topics, including:
- Communication
- Creativity and innovation
- Problem Solving
- Reading
- Digital Skills
- Collaboration
- Adaptability
- Writing
- Numeracy

Deliver ½ day workshops for groups of up to 7 learners

Adjust workshop content and activities as required to meet the needs of participants
Responsibilities: Job Coaching
Develop a workplace experience learning plan that includes:
- Goal of the placement
- Standard operating procedures for core job duties
- Workplace training and orientation

-Regularly liaise with work experience placement hosts and program participants to monitor learning plan progress and develop solutions to work experience challenges
- Identify and address required workplace accommodations

Responsibilities: Case Management
- Conduct and document intake sessions for eligible participants
- Administer/interpret ESAT assessment and ensure that the results are included in learning plans

Required Skills:
- Relevant post-secondary education and/or training
- Experience developing and delivering workshop presentations
- Experience working with people with diverse abilities and/or newcomers
- Interest in helping others


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