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Algoma District Services Administration Board


135 Dawson, Thessalon
POSTED: 13 months ago
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Closing Date:
May 31, 2023
Job Description:
The Algoma District Services Administration Board (ADSAB) Housing Services Program is presently recruiting a Contact Tenant:

135 Dawson, Thessalon

The Contact Tenant is required to reside on-site during their employment with the ADSAB. In exchange for duties and responsibilities, the Contact Tenant is entitled to all-inclusive, rent-free accommodations for a one-bedroom apartment valued in accordance with Income Tax regulations. Amenities include:
- heat, hydro,
- water and;
- telephone (excluding personal long distance charges)
- All rights and responsibilities afforded to tenants at ADSAB housing units

Regular employment duties include:
- Acting as an ADSAB point of contact for tenants
- Reporting maintenance problems to Supervisor
- Reporting vandalism or other property damage to the Supervisor
- Assisting with tenant lock-outs
- Performing daily fire panel checks, investigating causes of fire alarm calls
- Reporting emergency situations as required to 911
- Performing daily building security checks
- Providing prospective tenants access to view vacant units, as requested by ADSAB
- Application of salt/sand with occasional snow removal at entry/exit areas
- Occasional general cleaning/maintenance of building interior
- For a list of other occasional duties, please contact Human Resources

Required Skills:
The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills and interact well with tenants and visitors to the building. They must have the physical capability and endurance to effectively perform the duties listed above and produce satisfactory results of a locally-run criminal record search. Bilingualism (English/French) is an asset.


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