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Camp McDougall

Caretaker - Part-time

Environmental Services and Cleaning, General Labour
POSTED: 15 months ago
Camp McDougall
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Closing Date:
June 30, 2023
Part Time
Job Description:
Caretaker - Part-time
Responsible to: Camp Director

- Responsible for following all rules and regulations as outlined in the Staff Manual
- Ensures all garbage is placed in proper area
- Keeps all showers/washrooms clean and supplied
- Checks the water system and equipment and notifies the Camp Director if any problems arise
- Checks for faulty electric circuits, switches that won't work or outlets that are dead.
- Notifies the Camp Director if any problems arise so that appropriate action can be taken
- Replaces broken or burnt out light bulbs; check 2 lights in new building monthly
- Keeps steps, doors, windows and screens in good repair.
- Keeps grounds free of hazards and waste.
- Maintains the fire pit area and beachfront.
- Accompanies the provincial health inspector during the inspection of camp, if present.
- Maintain care and control of the 4-wheel all-terrain vehicle
- Attends camp training sessions as requested by the Camp Director

Required Skills:
- Experience in maintenance and repairs
- Self-guided worker
- Current Vulnerable Persons Record Check - to be submitted one (1) week prior to commencement of employment
- Standard First Aid and Basic Rescuer CPR certification


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