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Camp McDougall

Senior Counsellors

POSTED: 16 months ago
Camp McDougall
ES Job ID:
Closing Date:
June 30, 2023
Job Description:
Senior Counsellors
Responsible to: Program Manager

- Responsible for following all rules and regulations as outlined in the Staff Manual
- Participate fully in all Counsellor Training programs
- Participate fully in all programs at camp
- Work in co-operation with all staff and Counsellors
- Supervise all campers at all times, specifically when no formal activity is being run (before/after a meal, at campfire, in the evenings and at night)
- Shall encourage and promote positive relationships within camper groups and amongst staff
- Plan and implement Cabin Time Activities and ensure cabin are kept clean
- May be required to run Sessions as needed

Required Skills:
- Prior camp experience
- Minimum Age: 16
- Leadership and communication skills
- Ability to work with children of all ages and abilities
- Programming and organizational skills
- Standard First Aid and Basic Rescuer CPR certification

Current Vulnerable Persons Record Check or if under age 18 a Statement of Disclosure Form
signed by a parent - to be submitted one (1) week prior to the commencement of employment


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