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Sault College Employment Solutions to host a variety of workshops designed for job seekers

Posted: Mar 01, 2022
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For more than five decades, Sault College Employment Solutions (Employment Solutions) has been helping those looking for work by providing one-on-one assistance and creating personalized job search plans.

This month, Employment Solutions’ calendar is full of exciting employment opportunities as well as free workshops to help job seekers to prepare for their employment goals.

Check out the great lineup of programs and workshops to help get you on the right path.

Upcoming programs and workshops

Upcoming March Events

Flexible Jobs and Work from Home Jobs

COVID-19 lockdowns have sparked an interest in many job seekers for work that can be done from home or on a flexible basis. This virtual workshop will cover important topics for job seekers to consider about such positions and how to look for opportunities.

Networking: How to Unlock Hidden Opportunities

Networking is a crucial and sometimes-overlooked part of job searching. This virtual workshop will cover the value of networking, tactics for networking successfully, and how to unlock opportunities in the “hidden” job market.

Working in Canada (New to Canada? New to the area? Not in school?)

Employment Solutions will be hosting a virtual group workshop on Working in Canada. This workshop supports individuals not currently enrolled in school and new to the Sault Ste. Marie, Blind River, and the North Shore area. The topics covered will include how to start working in Canada and the local labour market.

Creating an Eye-Catching Resume

Employment Solutions will be hosting a virtual group workshop focused on creating an eye-catching resume. This workshop is intended for individuals looking for help and advice on how to build on their current resume.

Working in Canada (New to Canada? New to the area? Currently in school?)

Employment Solutions will be hosting another virtual group workshop on Students Working in Canada. This workshop is for international students who are currently enrolled in school. Participants will learn about the process of working on- and off-campus at local businesses in the Sault Ste. Marie, Blind River, and the North Shore area.

Up Your Interview Skills

Does the thought of an interview make you feel nervous and unprepared? Employment Solutions wants to help you through its Up your Interview Skills workshop. This virtual group workshop is for individuals that need advice on how to be better prepared for in-person or virtual interviews.

Youth Job Connection

Youth Job Connection (YJC) is a job readiness-program aimed at young adults aged 15 - 29 who are not working or who are not currently attending school full-time. Participants must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

  • When: March 14 – 25, 2022
  • For details on enrolment eligibility: Text "YJC" to 705-541-8489.

YJC - March 14-25

Improve your Job Searching Skills

Employment Solutions will be hosting a virtual group workshop that will help you to Improve your Job Searching Skills. Participants will benefit from tips and guidance on navigating online job boards, researching opportunities, and how to develop a creative job search plan in our local market.

Connect with Employment Solutions

If you are a job seeker or employer looking to connect, please call 705-945-0705 or email [email protected] for Sault Ste. Marie or 705-365-1611 or email [email protected] for Blind River.

Employment Solutions is committed to building connections between job seekers and employers laying a solid foundation for mutually beneficial and long-term employment.

This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

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