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Bruce Mines & Plummer Additional Union Public Library

Summer Student Library Clerk (Summer)

Bruce Mines
Customer Service, Other
POSTED: 13 months ago
Bruce Mines and Plummer Additional Union Public Library
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Closing Date:
June 30, 2023
Seasonal , Student
Job Description:
- Read and understand information in a variety of formats
- Share information using a range of communication techniques
- Manage information, organize data, apply knowledge
- Learn good customer service skills
- Learn to work as part of a team
- Accept and provide feedback in a positive and constructive manner

Problem solving:
- Assess situation and identify problems
- Be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions and evaluating solutions
- Manage and resolve conflict when appropriate (children in program)

Project tasks:
- Plan and design programs for the children
- Work with an outline and adapt as necessary when dealing with different age groups and numbers of children
- Manage the budget for each project/ event and ensure spending is within limit
- Work safely and keep the children safe

Be responsible:
- Work independently and as part of a team
- Set goals and evaluate progress
- Plan and manage time
- Be accountable for your actions
- Learn from any mistakes
- Cope with uncertainty and be flexible in your approach

Required Skills:
- Students need good communication skills, both written/ oral
- Students should have good computer skills and knowledge of common applications
- Friendly disposition and willingness to learn
- Adaptable to changing situations, flexible
- Enjoy working with children
- Organizational skills
How to Apply:
If you are 15-18 years old and returning to school, please apply to CEO or YJC-S worker Katelyn Trivers at [email protected]
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