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Camp McDougall

Head Cook

Food & Hospitality
POSTED: 9 months ago
Camp McDougall
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Closing Date:
June 30, 2023
Job Description:
Responsible to: Camp Director
Responsible for: Assistant Cook

- Responsible for following all rules and regulations as outlined in the Staff Manual
- Responsible to prepare a standard menu for each camp session using the Canada Food Guide as a basis, in cooperation with Camp Director
- Responsible for ordering all groceries and maintaining the budget set by the Board of Directors.
- Prepares meals and is in charge of kitchen help and serving food at mealtimes.
- Responsible for kitchen and dining hall cleanliness
- Enforces Board policy regarding access to the kitchen
- Responsible for thorough cleaning of the stove at least once a month during the summer
- Ensures that all Health Standards are met with regards to the kitchen as per Ministry of Health guidelines. Accompanies Health Inspector with inspection as needed.
- Becomes familiar with and adheres to all applicable standards relating to Food Service in the OCA Guidelines for Accreditation.
- Keeps a daily log of meals served, quantities prepared, etc.
- Attends all training sessions as requested by the Camp Director.

Required Skills:
- Experience cooking for large groups (over 50) of people
- Experience with ordering stock and following a budget
- Ability to work cooperatively with others
- Current Vulnerable Persons Record Check - to be submitted one (1) week prior to commencement of employment
- Safe Food Handling Certificate
- Standard First Aid and Basic Rescuer CPR certification


Posted: Nov 20, 2023 View Cook
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