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Closing Date: Friday, April 23, 2021

Labourers - DM Precision Contractors
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Closing Date: Sunday, April 25, 2021

Labourer - Inverta Corp.
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Closing Date: Sunday, April 25, 2021

Mystery Shopper - Chapleau
Premier Service Inc.
Closing Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021


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March Calendar of Events

Below is a list of Workshops that Employment Solutions can run.

Résumé/Cover Letter Writing: This session provides an overview of résumé and cover letter writing techniques and suggestions. Upon request, the session can include access to computers and guidance for hands-on work on individual resumes and/or cover letters.

Job Searching: This workshop creates a purposeful discussion about job search techniques and best practices. We focus on the importance of labour market research, networking and social media tools. We explore various scenarios and generate creative ways to expand and enhance job search strategies.

Social Media and your Job Search: This workshop aims to highlight the impact of social media on job search and encourage effective use especially as it pertains to job search and career enhancement purposes. Upon request, we can cover how to create a profile, manage privacy settings, and understand the associated lingo.

Personal Branding for your Job Search: By exploring strengths and values, this session provides the opportunity to begin developing the foundation for a personal brand. The hidden job market is a central theme and we discuss ways to actively connect with its many opportunities.

Interview Excellence: The session takes a strengths-based approach to preparing for interviews, improving performance through increased confidence. Other topics discussed include: how to prepare, interview etiquette, possible questions, and how to follow up with employers.

Mock Interviews: This individual practice interview is personalized and geared toward your goals and interests. Tips and additional resources will be provided based on your performance.

Personality Dimensions: This session provides an opportunity to assess your personality preferences and generates understanding of the preferences of others. It is a tool (sometimes referred to as True Colours) that assists in building healthy and productive relationships and is especially helpful for understanding dynamic workplace relationships.

Customer First: This interactive session is designed to build on your existing customer service skills. We discuss the impact of good and bad customer service, as well as how to handle difficult situations. Your stories as a customer will provide the most important content – come and share your experiences!

Smart Serve Certificate: Smart Serve Certification is required for anyone working in a capacity that is related to the sale or service of alcohol. The program is designed to promote responsible alcohol beverage service. Advance registration is required. Cost is $20.